Monday, November 10, 2008

CFEclipse Line Numbers Fix

One of the first things I noticed in CFEclipse was no line numbers. Thinking it was a simple configuration fix, I checked the preferences and saw that under Editors, there is a check for "show line numbers". I checked it and . . . voila nothing happened. I checked the documentation for CFEclipse, which is just a Wiki on the site and they said that there should be a check box for the same thing in the CFEclipse portion of the preferences. I checked. It wasn't there! After doing some research, here is what I found:

Show Line Numbers in CFEclipse:

  1. First you have to go to your workspace directory which would've been the first thing to set when you started the application for the first time. To make matters easy just do a search for the word workspace from the root of your machine's hard drive. Mind you, I'm using Windows XP so you can make any adjustments to your own OS. The files are hidden so you'll have to enable viewing hidden files and directories.

  2. Navigate in your directory to the following:

  3. Open the file with notepad or any plain text editor and add the following line:

  4. Save everything. Close out everything and restart Eclipse. You should now see line numbers appearing in your code. Don't forget to re-enable hiding your hidden files.

Did this help you or did you get more frustrated? Let me know.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, it worked perfectly!

Iain said...

You're welcome. Spread the word.